Zak Xenas
Zak Xenas
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1995
Still alive
Gender Male
Height Six feet and 10 inches
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Himslef
Marital status Lauren Dana Xenas
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Alive

Zak Xenas is a creature creator and a former mercenary. Zak's early life is unknown but according to beliefs Zak attempted to kill the Weskers, and failed. He was defeated but escaped. However, while escaping he stole some of Wesker's T-Virus samples. He went back to his home and injected himself with it. He was then able to enhance his body strength and durability. With these enhancments he became a gun-for-hire. He started working for crime lords and then African Military Force. This is when he realized that the T-Virus can become a very hazardous thing. But he ignored it and instead blasted all of T-Virus infected African villagers he found. He decided to leave his gun behind and started to tamper with the T-Virus. He started to create creatures most of his experiments were either failures or were destroyed. The only experiment that actually lived was Zak T-Virus Experiment 9883.

Life as a mercenary Edit

When Zak Xenas picked up a gun he was instantly a dangerous man. He learned how to shoot a gun and showed it. Once he became to get hooked with shooting and violence he realized that he could use his skills to wipe out his enemies. He started by attempting to kill the Weskers. He tracked them down but didn't succeed in his mission. Wesker defeated him but couldn't kill Zak. Zak was able to temporarily slow him down and escape. While escaping though he was able to steal a sample of the T-Virus. He fled and lived to fightanother dat. He began to work for organizations such as the Afirca Militray Force. He also worked for crime organizations and other organizations that payed a large amount of money. Once he worked for Africa he learned about the real effects of the T-Virus.

Zak Xenas Gallery Edit

Zak Xenas Beast

This is when Zak Xenas was attacked by Chris Redfield and took excessive amounts of damage.

Zak Xenas Beast Evolved

This is after Zak Xenas was attacked by Chris Redfield and took excessive amounts of damage and became angry.

Zak Xenas Flames

Zak Xenas kick-butt merc.

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