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Ammunition Type: Custom 10 milimeter High Impact Hollow Point rounds. Tin Casing, And Aluminum/Lead Body
Feed System: 16 Rounds
Type: Hand Gun
custom(?): Yes

A Steel Iron Alloy body with diamond weave grip. Standard Trigger with The Free Logo (An Eye In The Center Of An Upsidedown Triangle) Named For The Response Off the ones its used on. As The Round Causes Both Ragged Tearing but its sheer force at the time it hits its target causes brusing in the surrounding area. (Its Range Is 125 Feet) Its Standard Build Can Have People Often Confusing It with a normal Glock but its tell tale sign is the extended magazine and barrel, and The Engraved Word 'Wrath' In Heavily Written Elizibeathen Cursive.

Named As It Was Made To Dish Out Punisment Thus Its Master Was Wrath


Personally Created By An Acomplished Black Market Weapons Specialist In Japan. Used To Make Public Demonstrations On His Disobediant Underlings (It Was Rare But A definite Problem) It is A highly Crafted weapon made to pefectly fit Alexander Morgaine's Hand. It Is Specialy Addapted To Allow The Use Of A Miniture Blade At Both The Muzel And The Base Of The Magazine. The Gun Was Crafted With Six Other Brothers. There Are Three In Existance. One Is In The Private Possesion of Alexander Morgaine, One At His Head Quatrters And The Other In Possesion Of His Prized Recruit Sherry Birkin


After A Year And A Half Of Use Alexander Sent It Bak In To Be Modified. This Was Dubbed Wrath-Two Followed by Wrath-Three.



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