WOLF is a subject of the progenitor virus and was tested on a wolf and the blood sample from the wolf was tested on a human subject and merged with the wolf blood automatically creating unstable results. WOLF then went insane, rampaging through Umbrella's water facility and ended up escaping from the last evacuating submarine. WOLF seemed to have intelligence but couldnt talk and is easily able to get through security systems by decoding doors. It was in the last days of Umbrella that WOLF found a man called Albert Wesker and quickly became his pet. The problem was that Wesker needed to travel from hiding place to hiding place and so WOLF was left with Tony Wesker (Albert wesker's Brother). WOLF was able to infect hosts by biting or scratching them. WOLF could also display its power by mutating its legs into quick sharp boney like Structures that could move WOLF as quickly as possible across the landscape. The end of Umbrella meant that WOLF had become a wanted creature meaning WOLF had to go into hiding and never be seen by anybody, ever. WOLF is still hiding and the exact location of his whereabouts is still unknown.
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