Blurryrock (talk) 16:53, July 7, 2017 (UTC) Hey Guys, I have new games added to this fanon wiki.

Hey, I have looked into your games a bit and saw what you have for Revelations 3. Just something I'd like to mention is that if you read this, it doesn't seem like Jill would be retiring anytime soon. ~Lazergling 20:50, July 7, 2017 (UTC)
Blurryrock (talk) 19:29, July 9, 2017 (UTC)I already read it for like, 15 seconds.
Blurryrock (talk) 00:01, July 9, 2017 (UTC) Rebecca Chambers, Carlos Oliveira, Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, NIGHT HAWK, GOBLIN 6, Jake Muller, Helena Harper, Piers Nevan, Carla Radames, Excella Gionne, Josh Stone, Jack Krauser, and Billy Coen should be part of the Resident Evil Revelations 3. Just Saying, Dude.
Blurryrock (talk) 19:49, July 8, 2017 (UTC) Gun Survivor 5 is also known as Resident Evil Survivor 5, Gun Survivor 6 is also known Resident Evil Survivor 6, and Gun Survivor 4/Resident Evil Dead Aim is also known as Resident Evil Survivor 4.
Blurryrock (talk) 00:01, July 9, 2017 (UTC) Where is Resident Evil Survivor 3 aka Gun Survivor 3 on Resident Evil Wiki? Never mind. I added in this Fanon Wiki.
Blurryrock (talk) 05:26, July 10, 2017 (UTC) There you have it. That's all of my game wishlists added in RE Fanon Wiki. 
Blurryrock (talk) 01:08, October 29, 2017 (UTC)I'm not finished yet. 

Blurryrock (talk) 19:38, November 3, 2017 (UTC)Now I’m finished.

RE: Candidates for Speedy Deletion Edit

Do you mean pages that I created that are candidates for deletion? If so, then I'm not sure. If I find any pages of mine that I have lost all interest in, I'll delete them. AWpCR (talk) 04:54, September 22, 2019 (UTC)

I mean 19 pages that someone already created, which were in candidates for deletion. And yeah, you'll delete them if you find any pages and yours that are in Candidates for Speedy Deletion and Candidates for Deletion. That's all I need to say. Blurryrock (talk) 07:24, September 22, 2019 (UTC)

AWpCR, can you remove the redirect pages to the deleted pages? Blitz0248 (talk) 01:03, September 25, 2019 (UTC)

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