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  • I live in UFE HQ Mainframe in Novosibirsk, Russia
  • My occupation is Intelligence Support (IB school Student)
  • I am an Artificial Intelligence


The Inquisitor has special organs in it's body that are made of Psionic Tissue and the Psionic Tissue is made up of special cells called " Morphic Cells, and they contain Morphic Organelles. These special organs can change the composition of the Inquisitor. These cells change it's composition at certain points to a protoplasmic substance,so it can fit in it's phantom armor. This type of change can be held without problems for a lifetime. The organs can also be used to crudely shape-shift the Inquisitor into humans with armor and a weapon.It is capable of copying or changing specific details in it's appearance. However unlike squeezing into it's armor, this crude shape-shift will only hold for up to 2 minutes at a time.

The inquisitor can psychically influence humans to believe them as not a threat and ignore their presence slightly in a technique called Perception Filtering

Toxins and GasesEdit

They also possess the ability to secrete natural toxins and gases. It keeps up to 3 biological canisters of each.

poison toxin

knock-out gas: due to the presence of the SandMite MCB, the inquisitor produces and stores Kolokol-1, sleeping gas, in 3 Bio-Cans.



The Inquisitor was developed as in 19XXby Ayane Hamontree, who was testing it against the !blank!before !blank!. The Inquisitor is capable of speaking,but it keeps the same deep voice even if it changes shape.

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