aka James

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
Date of Birth 1998
Date of Death Mentally killed years ago
Gender Male(?)
Height 5'9"
Race/Ethnicity British!
Occupation Narcissist
Marital status Ah, the lonelyness...
Relative(s) Avarice, Rage, Morbidity etc.
Status Admiring Appearance

About Me...


''Albert Thirds: Or N.I.N.E. ''

''Reaver Ashford: Alfred's fictional son.

''Tile Ribbons: Also known as Night.

''Resident evil: Shivers Peak: The austrian incident.

''Survivor climax: A Resident Evil survival game.

''Sadeable: A massively powerful creature.

''Pearl: Creatures which guard Reaver's bunker.

''The Hunt: Hunt down STARS.

''Tom Terns: a fool who is decapitated by Nemesis in RE: REprogramed.

''Evan Sherder: gets his stomach ripped open by Nemesis.

''Tenkai Blates: The father of Night. ''

''Mecha Night: Night, Reborn.

''Resident Evil OutBreak: Survivilist: Outbreak, survival style.

''The Room of Torment: A riddle ridden room encountered in the Alternate Reality stage in REOBS.

Roy Klipit: A merchant appearing in REOBS.

Teargas: The fourth stage zombie mutation.

Resident Evil: The Wesker's Archives : A game where players assume control of Wesker

Sandwich & Tofu: A minigame all about Barry Burton and Tofu fighting off hordes of B.O.Ws.

B.O.W Training (Survivor Climax): A survival minigame encountered in Survivor Climax.

Elizebeth Fortitude: Original creator of the Eclipse Virus

??? - An enigma that begot all mysteries!

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