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name missing
Created 2010
Created By Albert Wesker
Creation Hundreds of lifeforms injected with Uroboros
Based Humans and many others
Height/Length height/length unknown
Purpose purpose unknown
Status Terminated

History Edit

This Uroboros creature was personel created by Albert Wesker on a secret island, in year 2010, with a few other experimentall monsters. It was killed by The Colonel and his Squad of Elite Air Force Soldiers( Jenny Lennox, Kevin Jefferson, Rebecca Kowalsky and Kimberly Hunt) at the End of a long battle. Rebecca died during the battle.

Secret Informations Edit

Uroboros Gorea was a specific manifestation of the virally created Uroboros creature, "birthed" from hundreds anonymous test subjects in an laboratory. It is possible that Gorea's transformation was triggered by Wesker, who was watching from an enclosed Observation Hover-Jet, so that the creature, created when the Uroboros virus rejected the DNA of its host, would kill all Air Force soldiers. Gorea was defeated through the exploitation of the creature's sensitivity towards extreme heat; the laboratory contained a Flamethrower-Tank and refueling stations originally designed to destroy biohazardous material in case of an Outbreak. The Colonel and his Team used the Flamethrower-Tank to weaken Gorea and then shot at its exposed vital organs.

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