The Umbrella African Factory was a factory builted in the outsides of the Kijuju region in 1992.

Background HistoryEdit

In 1990, Umbrella decided to construct a factory in Africa for the creation of B.O.W.s. Oswell E. Spencer paid nearly $40 million to it`s construction. It was fastley built and it was finished in months. Spencer put a man named Raman in charge of it, not knowing he was a corrupt person who saw only for himself. It had 3 top cientists working on it, Amaka Alomar, Kimo Alomar and Tomè Laga.

The First OutbreakeEdit

After 2 years of it`s construction, chieff Raman started to make deals to sell the B.O.W.s that were being created there. Whwn the Alomars found out about this, they informed Tomè Laga, who tried to stop chief Raman. Due to this, he was locked up in his house for nearly a year. After a period of time, chief Raman sent a U.B.C.S. team to murder Tomè, and the Alomars found out about this, so they tried to stop chief Raman and told him that Spencer had just been informed of his treason. Driven by madness, chief Raman injected himself with the t-virus and mutated into a monster. After he murdered the Alomars, the creature destroyed the virus`vials and an outbrake occured. That very same day, Umbrella found out about the outbrake and they decided that no one could find out that the Factory was owned by them, so they sent Kwon Alomar to destroy it and to murder Tomè. Eventually, the Factory was destroyed along with the town where it was built, and there was no way to confirm that it was of Umbrella.

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