The U.S.S. Zulu Team -  informally referred to as the "Shadows"  - was an elite squad of covert operatives employed by Umbrella Security Service, the paramilitary wing of the Umbrella Corporation. The team specialized in stealth and assassination operations and was used to assassinate enemies and keep an eye on potential traitors. Zulu Team like Delta Team was made of six members but they were known to operate independently on separate missions or at times in groups of two this allowed the unit to be more flexible. The members included WOLF, GHOST, KAKUSARETA, MOLE, DRAGONFLY, and JOKER. In late 1998, following the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City Zulu Team was deployed to retrieve Sherry Birkin, and assassinate some VIPs and including a celebrity who had ties to Umbrella and were trying to sell top-secret information in exchange for an evacuation. At the same time, the U.S. government sent a detachment of armed troops to enforce the quarantine of Raccoon City and to ascertain the nature of Umbrella's involvement in the contamination of the area. As a result, "Shadows" killed a large number of American soldiers, they also killed several UCBS and USS soldiers remaining in the area to leave no witness, they also briefly clashed/allied with their main rivals Delta Team "Wolfpack", Claire Redfield and Leon S.Kenndy to escape a zombie infested subway.

Members Edit

  • WOLF (Maria Sokolov) - Assault; Team leader.
  • GHOST (Real name: Classified) - Field Scientist.
  • KAKUSARETA (Hana Akamine) - Recon.
  • MOLE (Marcus Bronx) - Surveillance.
  • DRAGONFLY (Kali Azikiwe) - Medic.
  • JOKER (Nigel Hemdez) - Demolitions.

Further notes Edit

  • Most of the team members display sadistic tendencies and lack compassion for others, except for one, of course, she is energetic and described as annoying by other team members. They seem to dislike the other U.S.S Teams and dislike the UCBS.
  • The Team has a major rivalry with fellow U.S.S. squad Delta Team. They also dislike the newer members as they call them "Dickheads". and one annoys Delta Team with her constant chatter.
  • The Team seems to dislike Leon S. Kenndy, of course, this can be contributed to them not liking the R.C.P.D in general as one member who lived in Raccoon City had complained about how incompetent the cops were and how lazy and corrupt the top brass was.
  • Zulu Team members are able to perform stealth operations, as they are able to slip past the US military quartine of the city with ease, and are able to avoid the Zombies and Tyrants that roam the city streets. They also incorporate their weapons with this strategy such as configuring landmines and Grenade Bouquets to create elaborate traps for enemies, launching hit-and-run style attacks and using advanced technology to disable security systems or seize control of automated doors, cameras, and other systems to gain the upper advantage.
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