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name=Tyrant Drone (T-69)


created by=Morpheus D. Duvall

creation=human injected with the T.virus





History Edit

The Tyrant Drone was created by Morpheus D. Duvall as his first own created Tyrant. The T-69 is one of the first mass-produced Tyrant in Umbrella's History. There are very strong and look a bit like the Tyrant T-002. They are one of the fastest Tyrants ever created! The T-69, also known as Mr. R, was one of the first mass produced Tyrants. It was created on Umbrella's Sheena Island, named Tyrant Plant. The high incompatibility ratio was solved by injecting subjects with Beta Hetero Nonserotonin. This substance is an adrenal based neurotransmitter extracted from the Locus Ceruleus. A vast supply was found in male adolescents. They must be kept unanaesthetised in order to ensure maximum amounts of the substance are extracted. Production was carried out on Sheena Island, until it blew up.

T-69's can be programmed to track "scents". This allowed a limited identification between friend and foe. In the Sheena Island Outbreak one was dispatched to retrieve one of the last of the remaining original G-Virus samples, and 14 others were used to stop a MAS incursion in the north of the island. This model does feature claws and the exposed heart seen in the previous models.

Mutations Edit

It is no longer sentient, meaning it has no concept of his mission. This can cause him to perform ill-advised actions in some cases, such as diving into the smelting pit in the Alpha-lab. Like his predecessors, the T-69 is known for its non-human appearance and mysterious strengh. Also, he exhibits visible mutations like the huge talons prominently featured on the earlier models. If T-69 suffers serious injury, after which he will mutate and display the features seen in other Super Tyrant forms. This mutation includes talons on both hands and increased muscle mass.

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