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Fanon TyrantsEdit

The following Tyrants were created by the users of Gory Storm.

  • The Silvus was created by Weskers Virus. Silvus is an incredibly resiliant creature, and was encountered by agents of Night-Air in Racoon City.
  • The Reaver was also created by Weskers Virus. It was designed for sea missions, and was encountered by a survivor of Racoon City named Adam Greenham.
  • The Swift Tyrant, also known by it's serial number T-100 or simply as Swift, was created by BillyLo. It is similar in proportions to a human being. It was designed by Maxwell Hunter and was defeated by Billy Lo.
  • Hannibal, also known by it's serial number T-200, was created by JobenX. It is part of the Joben Continuety. Hannibal was Roderick Lazarus' attempt at recreating the Nemesis project. It proved unstable, and was trapped in a facility by Alexus Siemenov.
  • Sammael, also known by it's serial number T-666 was created by AWpCR. It resembles the grim reaper, as it wears a dark robe and carries a scythe. It was supplied with it's scythe by Tony Wesker.
  • F.E.A.R. Tyrant - From the Darkfall continuety. Fully Enhanced and Armored Ranger Tyrant, it was an experimental creature created by a remnant Umbrella group in 2007. Although it was a fusion of the Talos and the Nemesis project, this Tyrant was much advanced and dangerous B.O.W with terryfying face and skin. Few minutes after its activation, F.E.A.R. was destroyed by Frank McNeil.
  • T-105a, a special variant of the T-105 Tyrants made in an unknown city.
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