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Trevor MacMillian
Date of Birth July 29th 1968
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 6ft 9
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation B.H.C.S Member
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Brother-Victor MacMillian, Sister-Marian MacMillian, who is a B.H.C.S Members
Status Alive

Born In Ontario To Fredrick MacMillian, And Cynthia Deren On July 29th Of 1968. Soon after He had Twin Siblings, Victor, and Marian, Three Years later. Later on In Life (1975) the Family Moved To Raccoon City. Where the Seven Year Old Trevor First met His life Time Friends Steven Loen and Tomas Seleg. Years Later At The Age Of 23 He Stayed while most of his family Moved away. Leaveing only The children. Living In The Apple Inn. Later On In 1998 They Were Among The First To Be Rallied By Charles Cristnson. But Victor Was Bitten and was shot, by freak accident of a rouge bullet went wild and penetrated his skull. Later On Durring the Transition period Between Charles Cristnson and Harvey Cristnson As the leader Of the Group. He and Marian Were Among the Ranks of members tha Took place on The O.I.O incident. Trevor Was The One Video taping the Whole Thing.


His Life was cut and paste with anyone else. It wasnt untill his twin siblings were born he knew what it was like being ignored, after years of trying to get attention he finally resolved the problem by being alone all of the time. But Afterseven years with three of them barelly noticed the family suddenly moved to Raccoon City. It was a major adjustmet going from a rural town in the middle of no-where to a large city that is, or rather was, under control of Umbrella. Through school he found a life long friendship with two students. Steve Loen And Tomas Seleg. Finding a slight boost in confidence in not being ignored he managed to find a slot in the school community. Though still ignored by his parents who favored the twins over Trevor he found that the twins were alright. Quickly growing fond of them.

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