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Created Unknown
Created By Albert Wesker
Creation Mutation
Based None
Height/Length 8 feet
Purpose Mistake
Status Destroyed

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Toron is a horrible experiment gone wrong. It was accidentally created by Albert Wesker when he fused an old, torn up doll he found with one of his dead henchmen. He was planning to create a powerful soldier that could kill Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. Instead, it created a hideous, 8 foot tall monster that was seemingly twenty-feet long. It attacked Wesker, knocked him out, and went on a rampage. It is the third boss in the fanon game, Resident Evil: Rise Of A New Threat. It was killed by Chris and Leon, along with the help of Ada Wong and Sheva Alomar. It has the ability to mutate it's own body. For example, it attacked Leon by creating a batch of tounges and made another tounge spawn out of the batch and grow two spiky tounges creating a hornlike appendage. It is also seen with two bones bursting out of it's back to create small winglike appendages before the battle with Leon. Later, Leon was able to defeat the creature with the help of Chris, Ada, and Sheva.
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