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Tony Wesker
Date of birth:1960
Blood type:O
Family:Albert Wesker (brother, deceased)
Occupation:Umbrella Scientist (former)

Albert Wesker's Second-in-Command (former)

Leader of Divina Commedia

Relationship status:Single
Appearances:Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution, The Wesker Children

"Albert, you are my brother and I love you, but do you really think you can do this all by yourself?"
―Tony to Albert during a conversation about Weskers 'new world'.

Anthony Wesker, or Tony for short, is the leader of Divina Commedia, an international crime syndicate that specializes in dealing black market weapons and B.O.W's. He was once a researcher for the Umbrella Corporation, working at the Arklay Laboratory with Albert Wesker, his fraternal twin brother, and William Birkin.



Skills and Abilities

Tony, much like his brother, is a very intelligent individual. He is a capable scientist, having been involved in the same bio-weapons research as Albert at the Arklay facility. He is also a good strategist and businessman, his charisma often having a positive effect on those around them.

He is also a skilled fighter, having been trained in wrestling and jujitsu. Thanks to his special blood type, he is immune to most disease-causing viruses. It was this special ability that allowed him to survive the tW-virus.

After being injected with an experimental strain of the progenitor virus, Tony gained a number of superhuman abilities: superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, durability, and regeneration. He is capable of shrugging off injuries that would otherwise severely harm or kill an ordinary human being. These abilities, along with his knowledge of various martial arts, make him a force to be reckon with.

However, this power came at a cost. Because of the viruses unstable nature, Tony eventually required injections from a compound called PG67A/W. This compound was designed so he could keep his abilities, however, the dosage needed to be exact, or it will act as a toxin and temporarily weaken him. As more time went on, Tony needed more frequent injections. He began using the money and power both he and his brother gained over the years to search for a permanent solution to this problem.


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