Tom Terns
Date of Birth 1960
Date of Death Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Race/Ethnicity British
Occupation Umbrella executive
Marital status single
Relative(s) None
Status Deaseased

Tom was an Umbrella executive, who thought of himself as a man above the other exeutives.

Death Edit

Shortly after the destruction of Racoon city, Tom asked the other executivesof the staus of the G-virus, however. The others knew why he wanted the location of the newly aquired G sample. And desided to fire him. 2 months later Tom was employed by Umbrella yet again, for unknown reasons. on his first day back, and at the first meeting of his new career he & the other high umbrella employes are confronted by Nemesis on a train trip to chicargo for there meeting with a G buyer. He is the first to be killed by Nemesis, and is decapitated, and through the window, a large pointed rock mutilateing his now headless body.

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