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Tiger Alomar
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth July 4th,1962[Age 46]
Not dead yet dumbass
Gender Male
Height 6'0'
Race/Ethnicity African American
Occupation Auto Mechanic also carrys out killings for the Alltell Bike Crew
Marital status A wife and 4 kids[All aged 25]
Relative(s) Sheva Alomar[Niece]
Status Alive

Is an Auto Mechanic who works for the Alltell Crew.He is also responsible for carrying out disciplinary actions for the Alltell Bike Crew members in Raccoon City. Ever since the zombie invasion he has become a paranoid man which leads to him carrying out killings on Clay's behalf.He was also responsible for finding Jax Tsung and bringing him back to his stepfather Clay .

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