Thomas McNeil
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1977
Gender Male
Height 1.81 meters
Race/Ethnicity White/Caucasian, mentioned scottish origin
Occupation S.P.F (formerly), Unknown (Currently)
Marital status Married
Relative(s) Francis Michael McNeil (father, deceased), Olga Bavmir-McNeil (mother, deceased), Francis Attel McNeil (older brother, alive), Stacey Chaplin (Wife)
Status Unknown, probably Alive

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"You're not my brother. Never call me again, or my wife. Thank you."

Thomas says to Frank at a phone call

Thomas McNeil is a hard hearted, burned figure. After his brother, Frank, leaved him in Raccoon, Thomas wasn't lost alone, and later became an S.P.F. officer.


"So, 12 shotgun shells, 36 crappy 9 mm bullets, and 18 to my .44 Magnum. Oh yeah, and a few axes. A real armada, we've here."
Thomas McNeil Raccoon

Tom, under the Raccoon City disaster

--Thomas speaking to his little group of survivors

He was born in 1977, San Fransisco, CA. After the death of his father, and later his mother, he wondered along America with his brother, who finished the high school, while Thomas just getting started. When he was left by his brother in Raccoon City, he was 16 years old, but he hada lot of money and safety in an apartment, which was bought by his brother a year ago. Later Thomas became a police officer in the city, and in 1998 July, he was setted to the S.P.F. as a Sergeant.

When the T-virus outbreak destroyed the city, Thomas made a fight-and-escape plan, to leave the city with his wife and other joining survivors. This story will be told in the upcoming Resident Evil: Burning Streets, but it's unknown yet, Thomas still alive or not, although his escape and survival is more than possible.

Appearences Edit

Darkfall Series Edit

  • Resident Evil: Darkfall Vol. 1 -Minor character
  • Resident Evil: Darkfall Vol. 2 - only mentioned
  • Resident Evil: Project F.E.A.R. -appears in flashbacks
  • Resident Evil: Twilight (planned) - Main Protagonist

Others Edit

  • Resident Evil: Burning Streets - Main Protagonist (story is in workstage)
  • Resident Evil: Resurrection(planned) - Minor protagonist
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