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The Stalwart/ Tyrant T-077
Created 1998
Created By Roderick Lazarus (Commisioner)
Creation Tyrant Program
Based Tyrant
Height/Length 6 ft 7 in.
Purpose Defense of factory facility
Status Dead

The Stalwart, also known as the Tyrant T-077, was a Tyrant encountered by Gareth Knight inside the factory facility. The Stalwart was placed there as a failsafe to any intruders who managed to infiltrate and compromise the facility before the self-destruct mechanisms activated. It is very tall, resembling a human male. It has all the characteristics of other Tyrants, except that after extensive mutation, its claws reccede and form hard, club like appendages. The Stalwart in the factory facility is the only known creature of its construction. It was created under Umbrella Corporation scientist Roderick Lazarus. Infomation within the Knight Files states that The Stalwart was hastily created to as a failsafe. It was created after Lazarus was unwilling to allow his newest creation, the Mafdet, to be the failsafe.

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