Gory storm 012

a poisonos smiler

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Creation How the creature got created
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Status The status of the creature, active, extinct, or unknown

The Smiler is a more advanced version of the Alpha series Hunters which resembless a grotesque mutation brought onto a normal Alpha Series. The Smilers were named this way for there Giant jaw which boasts several sharp teeth and even gives it the ability to bit through steel bars, in one point of the game Resident Evil: No way out, a Smiler acctually pulls a man towards its mouth and like the Hunter Gamma, it swallows him whole. There are two different types of Hunter Smilers 1. Natural Smilers with blue skin and poisonous saliva. 2. An anphibian version which can be found in the basement of the lab along with Neptune though, these are able to withstand hours of not being under water but will later shrivel up and die. The death scene for the Smilet is where it will slash its victim twice and finally bite the top half of the player off. It is basically a mixture between the Sweeper, The Alpa Series, and the Hunter Gamma which gives it a great advantage against its enemies. (sorry for not filling out the bar at the side, im new to gory storm so im not to good with those)

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