The Room of Torment is a riddle filled room connecting to dozens of passages, hallways and traps of which is encounterd in Resident Evil Outreak Survivalist.

The room is encounterd in the Alternate Reality Scenario, and is arguably the most difficult room in the Scenario. The room is rightfully names as it is basically a room of torment, intending to torment it's victims with a large set of riddles. The Riddles base from very basic to incrediably hard and complex. Some include trivia's of the RE series, while the others are about quick thinking and a very smart head. Failing will result in death.

Some of the riddles are fake and are instead a trap.


'1'. Trebla: A single word is painted on the wall Trebla. What does it mean? This riddle requires the player to consentrate on the word and figure out what it means. Once the player has the answer they must type it into a typewriter. Answer: Albert.

2. Which one: In the centre of the room there are 3 statues of Birkin. Two are fake, one is real.

3. ???: Ttd ioi m-e, is painted on the wall. What could it mean? input the answer into a typewrighter. Answer: Time to die.

4. Duck: Press the button...or not.

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