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The Operator
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:N/A
Race/Nationality:American (Supposed)
Occupation:Umbrella Secret Service

Personal Assistant

Appearances:Operation Underlight DLC
Voice:Shia LeBeouf
Portrayer:Shia LeBeouf

The Operator is an Umbrella Operative named "John Doe" with much influence throughout the company, as he is Spencer's personal assistant. He is the commanding voice of "The Pride" during the DLC Operation Underlight, he also claims to be watching them via Top Secret Umbrella Satellite connection above Redwood City.


Not much is known of the Operator before the Infection of Redwood, though he must have spent a lot of time around Spencer to become his assistant, and became friends with an Umbrella Scientist who was sent to Redwood City, prior the infection.

Redwood IncidentEdit


DARPA RecruitmentEdit

Sometime after the Umbrella attacks and before the Global Bioterror Attacks of 2013, "John Doe" quits being Spencer's assistant after he is killed by Wesker. He then disappears for a number of years until he finally joins DARPA at an unknown year. He becomes a link to the DARPA Headquarters for Michael and Valery throughout the mission in ---.





U.S.S. "The Pride"Edit








  • In the film, when Deadman is listening on the Radio, The Operator's voice can be heard saying "You'll die out there without my instructions." Throughout the game, anytime that Lucci didn't follow orders, a member died.
  • There is rumor that he will reappear with Michael West during the Global Bioattacks of 2013.

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