The Old One
Date of Birth 23 BC
Date of Death 2017
Gender Male
Height 9ft
Race/Ethnicity Unknown
Occupation N/A
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Deseased

The Old One's first and only appearance is in Resident Evil Outbreak Survivalist, he is the main Antaganist and can be heard speaking to the player severel times, commenting on their performances and will often talk the player into making very evil decisions. He is incredably powerful and can sometimes defeat the player in one hit.

He appears in the Alternate Reality Scenario and with good reason. As in the real world he doesn't exsist, hence the name of the scenario. He commands an very powerful army of minions, each standing guard and awaiting command in severel places scatted around the scenario.

Fighting himEdit

The Old One can be an immensely difficult opponent as he has some of the most devistating attacks in the game, not to mension his mssive amount of health. His throne room is guarded by two strong guardians, of which are devistating in their own right.

His attacks are...

Scissor whip: He grabs you around the throat with his tail and begins to swing you around, if you don't move the anolog stick fast enough he'll throw you into the air and slice your body in half with a giant swing of his arm.

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