The Midgar Incident is a crossover fanfiction, spanning the Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil universes. The story focusses on different characters in different 'Scenarios'. The narrative follows the first T-Virus outbreak in the ShinRa Building, which leads to the Outbreak in Midgar. It is written by FanFiction author Chaosbahamut123.


Scenario 01: Night

Rebecca Chambers: A researcher under Professor Hojo, Rebecca is the first to witness the source of the ShinRa Building outbreak. The youngest member of the Research Department (only 18), her age is the source of the majority of the staff's doubt in her abilities. Regardless, she is a capable scientist and an excellent medic, and her skills prove invaluable when escaping the ShinRa Building.

Zack Fair: A SOLDIER 1st Class with a short attention span and almost impossible to quell optimism. Zack is proficient in many areas of combat, but his firearms and CQC skills are lacking. He trains under Angeal Hewley -- another 1st Class -- and is determined to become a hero. However, all that changes when the Outbreak begins, and he is forced to kill his friend Kunsel.

Angeal Hewley: A calm, collected and highly skilled SOLDIER 1st Class. Angeal is a strong, charismatic man with years of experience in a variety of locales, making him the de facto leader of the ShinRa building survivors. He is Zack's mentor, and harbours a strong sense of honour that is put to the test when fleeing from the ShinRa Building.

Cloud Strife: A nervous, fearful youth in the Security Department. Cloud holes himself up inside a storage cabinet after witnessing the first attacks of the infected, and is reluctant to leave the company of the group of survivors. He hates violence and death, but proves to be instrumental when manoeuvring the lower floors, as well as providing an unlikely source of moral support.

The VirusEdit

Listed here are the viral strains that are set to be encountered in The Midgar Incident.

T-Virus: The source of the Midgar Outbreak. The Tyrant Virus was discovered and engineered by Professor Hojo. The symptoms of the virus are what make the infected seem like Zombies.

MaT-Virus: A modified strain of the T-Virus, enhanced by Mako. The powerful energies inside boost the activities of the T-Virus, reducing the amount of time required before V-ACT occurs, or even skipping that part entirely. The MaT-Virus is unstable, however, and the mutations it causes are impossible to regulate.

G-Virus: A highly advanced viral strain, with continuous mutagenic properties. Though not encountered inside Midgar, the G-Virus will play a major role in the Scenarios following the escape from Midgar.

Las Plagas: Though not a viral strain, Las Plagas is discovered in Wutai and developed by ShinRa into becoming a viral strain that does not destroy brain functions, similar to the T-Veronica Virus

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