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Created Known creation date of the creature
Created By The creator of the creature
Creation How the creature got created
Based What the creature is based off of, or what the base of the creature was
Height/Length The height of the creature
Purpose The purpose of the creature
Status The status of the creature, active, extinct, or unknown

The ManglerEdit

A creature that was once human but was infected with the G virus.

And combined with the DNA one of the regenerators (in re4) tjhat had escaped from spain to Tarskavaig, skye by swimming. The mangler attacks like a cat.

It pounces on it's victim and bite their neck hard enough to kill the victim. Then tears off the waist of the victim and devours it later.

In 2006 the creature was formed and tormented the people of Skye. However. Albert Wesker was hired by the British government to exterminate the creatures of skye. The Mangler included. and because Wesker was so skilled. In 2007 Wesker reached Tarskavaig and killed the Mangler without any mercy by shooting it to death.  

PS. To all those professionals out there. Could you PLEASE put this in the decription box. I don't know how. Name: The Mangler Status: exterminated Height: 7 feet talls

Looks: no eyes and no nose. just a huge mouth. And DON'T edit the article. i'm new at this. BUT you can edit the info box. cause i don't know how.

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