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The Gauss Cannon
Ammunition Type: 44. Cells
Feed System: 44.
Type: Plasma Magnum
custom(?): Unknown

An experimental prototype, The Gauss Cannon fires 44. Magnum rounds coated in plasma energy. And it's first and sadly, only appearance is in Resident Evil Outbreak Survivalist and is given to the player by Roy Klipit if they manage to complete each and every one of his challanges in each of the scenarios.

The Weapon does a total of 150,000 damage to the opponent.

History Edit

The Gauss Cannon was in development in 1997 by The Umbrella Corparation's Rock Fort Island by order of Commander Alfred Ashford. It was designed to be able to be able to fire 44. Magnum rounds while they were coated in plasma energy.

Following the attack of Rock Fort Island by the now revied Albert Wesker, The Gauss Cannon was deemed lost as none of Umbrella's other members were never informed about the Weapon. However, many years later the Weapon is apply discovered by The Russian Merchant Roy Klipit.


In game terms The Gauss Cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game as it quite literelly turns all but the most strongest enemies in the game to ash.

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