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The t-Lyssa Virus, also known as the Rage Virus, is a variant of the T-Virus developed by Grant Spencer and later further developed by Alex Wesker. It was named after Lyssa, the Greek goddess of rage.


Grant research a method through which he could create powerful super-soldiers, which were strengthened via rage and he conducted his experiments on Sushestvovanie Island.

As late as October 1997, the virus was still only in its prototype stage and undergoing testing on human subjects. By this month, the virus had been engineered to mutate in response to anger. Grant had eight candidates fitted with sensor bracelets as part of an experiment to measure how long it would take for people to mutate, with five dying immediately and another four mutating sometime after. In 1998, he decided to abandoned the project and destroying the virus with it never fully completed.

However, two syringes containing it survived and sometime in March 2009, the project was started again by Alex Wesker and by November 2009, work on the virus was neared completion and the likelihood of the subject's immediate death was lowered.

Usage In TerrorismEdit

During its re-development stage, Alex Wesker tested t-Lyssa on test subjects chosen from the local villages. Due to being unable to control their rage, the test subjects soon mutated into raggers. By the time of its completion, Alex injected three unnamed TerraSave members with the virus whilst sedated and then released on the island for testing.

After Alex's death, the virus was acquired by Red Umbrella in 2012 and sold on the black market. In the same year, Carla Radames brought the virus to be released in Edonia, which created many raggers and again in 2013, creating new creatures that appeared throughout Tall Oaks and Lanshiang.

Means of InfectionEdit

Unlike its precursor viruses, which mutate the host (almost) immediately after infection, the t-Lyssa Virus reacts to the host's mind. As long as the host is not experiencing anger, the virus will not cause any harm. Should the host's mind be affected by intense rage, the virus spreads through the body within seconds and the irises of an infected person will then glow red when this happens. After mutation, if the subject dies, the virus may continue to reanimate the subjects, causing them to become zombies.

Known CreaturesEdit

  • Humans that have been mutated through the t-Lyssa Virus infection caused by anger that have limited healing factor.
  • A zombie-type creature created from the t-Lyssa Virus capable of running and using weapons.
  • A creature with tough armored body that uses its superhuman strength to its advantage.
  • Dogs that have been mutated into zombies through the T-Lyssa Virus infection.
  • A rare creature mutated from raggers with all of its muscle tissue exposed, move at accelerated speed and can turn "invisible".
  • A creature mutated from raggers into reptilian-like creatures with large claws and teeth, and are noted for their loud shriek.
  • A creature mutated from raggers through the t-Lyssa Virus infection.
  • A creature mutated from raggers with a big swollen head that explodes releasing a substance capable of blinding people.
  • Shocker (mixture of t-Lyssa and C-Virus)
  • A large, hulking creature that is protected by a tough outer shell, thick musculature and can generation electricity from the body.
  • Titan (mixture of t-Lyssa and C-Virus)
  • A large creature with a thick musculature that can shape shift back and forth between various forms.