The T-Cell is the strand of T that was created after the T-virus ravaged Exodus Hybrids body, which had already supressed a large amount of damage and bonded with a special cell within Exodus's body. The T-Cell contains a special mimic ability to where it can blend into any surrounding or be anything it basically wants. The Tip of a T-Cell tentacle secretes a special T strand which can also mutate infected into a T-Cell organism such as Julia Hayes who was impaled by the newly awakened Exodus Hybrid and's body disintegrated into a T-Cell organism. While The Newly formed T-431 stalked the streets of North Carolina, he made several other T-Cell

hosts who formed some of there leech like flesh chunks to make a fully functional body for Exodus Hybrid who turned out to be attempting to get revenge on Kevin Coen.

Endangering Of T-Cell OrganismsEdit

Severel T-Cell organisms caused a large outbreak (though not even close to how big Raccoon City was) in an attempt to kill Kevin Coen. At the end of Resident Evil: The Rise of Exodus Hybrid most of the T-Cells were killed endangering there very existance and leaving only three specimens left, Exodus, and two Peon T-Cells.

Tyrant FormationEdit

In a confrontation between Exodus and Kevin Exodus fashions both of his arms into claws much like a Tyrants making this form of Exodus once again the third malformation of T-430.
Also several high ranked peons featured larger bodies, and two spiked club like hands along with a move much like the iron maidens spike recluse move from RE4. A Tyrant like Julia Hayes T-Cell is later confroned by Kevin and after minutes of denying that his partner was now dead, he finnally killed it out of self defens from a blow of a incindiary grenade.

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