"What was it?"

"I don't know but it wasn't Frogger, that's for sure."

-Tracy Vikers and Alex Isaacs after Alex defeats a T-87

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Amphibious Tyrant

Created Unknown believed be 2006
Created By Genetic Technologies
Creation Zeus Virus infused with frog DNA
Based Hunter Gamma
Height/Length 5'3"-8'2" depending on how it stands
Purpose Experimental Ampibious Tyrant Model
Status Active


After the dismal failures of the Hunter Gamma II project, Gene Tech began to develop a new bio weapon that would be more based off of the Tyrant line. Using more human DNA in its construction, the team began to redevelop Hunter Gammas for mroe humanoid appearances. Changes included eyes under transparent membranes and teeth growing in the mouth. The biggest change is when some were producing a film other their bodies to surviver drier climates. This proved to be instrimental in the further production of the Tyrant.

Looking very much like a Hunter Gamma, the T-87 or Amphibious Tyrant is designed for infiltration of water bases. Being extremely tall should it fully extend its frog legs, the T-87 is horrible at moving on land due to its three widely spaced toes and webbing between them but can accurately jump from location to loaction. Its right hand is very much human with small claws where the nails should be and webbing throughout. The left arm is very much a Tyrant esque claw, with four long claws attached to webbed fingers. This allows it to accurately move through water with ease, making it hard to attack and almost impossible to fight.

Frog ManEdit

In Florida, one T-87 manage to break loose and escaped into the Everglades. Due to the nature of the Zeus Virus, there wasn't and outbreak but no one came back when they tried to recapture it. It did attack some locals and raided buildings for food, earning itself the name Frog Man by locals. This model stayed there for several years until Alex began to move through the area. This distrubed its habitat and it began to stalk him. It never attacked him on land, possibly hinting at its intelligence. It most likely saw that Alex was armed or sensed that he was a Tyrant and knew that it couldn't effectively deal with him.

That changed when Tracy showed up. When she went to wash off some clothing, Alex saw the T-87 start swimming towards her. He quickly dove in and began to struggle with the creature underwater. The struggle went on for little over a minute with Alex gutting the creature and eventually burning it.

It should be noted that Alex discovered several alligator corpses ripped appart and partially eaten, indicating that T-87 preyed on one of the most powerful animals in the Everglades. Also since the only confirmed T-87 was destroyed before blood samples could be taken and the fact that it carries a modified Umbrella model number, some believe that this weapon was in fact created by Umbrella despite it appearing in Gene Tech's archives and a "failed experiment." Despite this, several have been sighted in other regions but nothing confirmed.

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