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The T-430 Tyrant was created when commander, Exodus Hybrid injected himself with the T-virus whcih ravaged his body into a sufficent T-based organism, though he resemble tyrant that had failed in the past (Exposed heart, Giant claws etc.) he did have one thing that other tyrants failed at receiving, an actual working thought process. This Tyrant was able to communicate and had a memory along with being able to identify who its enemy was. Exodus, now a Tyrant was able to talk unlike the others and could even shoot bone narrow like bullets out of his massive claw.

Appearance Edit

Exodus had grown to an extent where his ribcage was showing through his stomach and chest and where part of his skull can be clearly seen in his second malformation. He possessed two giant claws formed from bone narrow and from these, he was able to fire bone narrow from his hands. After his firat mutation his heart weakness became more visible through his chest, but was able to be shielded by his ribcage. In his second mutation, he also appeared with two red eyes, and a enlarged jaw with several jagged teeth.


His main weakness is his heart and his enlarged jaw. He also boasts several red tumours which are weak points but other then that, he is practically invincible to all normal gunfire due to his increased muscle mass. Like every other Tyrant he too has a weakness to rockets where as the rocket that Kevin Coen fired at him only blew his legs off and he was only killed by the anti-T gas that was placed within the rocket. However only Exodus Was killed by it, but the T-virus kept mutating his body and so came a third malformation, which was mostly like a blob version..this form was stalled by kevin who fired a turret at it to keep it busy until the base blew to peices, killing it.

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