The Creature's image, max 250px
T-103 (Special) or Mr.x 2
Created By the same means as a normal T-103
Created By Exodus Hybrid
Creation By minor tweaks added to a basic T-103
Based Human Based
Height/Length Unknown
Purpose To kill anything in its way
Status Extinct

T-103 (Special) == This brand of T-103 was created by Exodus Hybrid for his personal purposes, he gave it bullet proof armor, a red coat, and poisonous needles on its gloves.
On rare occasions the player may find one with a helmet on. Only seven were ever produced and they only appeared on rare occasions. The final T-103 (Special) mutates by growing a massive claw, but can easily be defeated with three Grenade rounds. At some points they are able to run, and others may hold a special machine gun which can be used but only have percentage as ammo and no other clips to be found except for on others T-103s. Andy Hopkins is attacked and presumed dead when he falls into a water hole by a T-103 (Special) holding a rocket launcher. In one part of the game, you are confronted by a researcher who attempts to kill Kevin, but he is ripped in half by a T-103 which can be avoided by immediatly running into another room.

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