The Swift Tyrant also known as T-100 or simply just Swift is a human sized Tyrant that is capable of enhanced speed and strength. Unlike the other Tyrants, this Tyrant is only 6 ft, 2 inches tall but it is extremely muscular and it's size makes it increadibly fast and powerful. It attacks with martial arts and uses the spikes on its forearms for a weapon. Maxwell Hunter created this first ever human size Tyrant to show that size doesn't matter. The Swift was released at the Biotech Facility to eliminate the U.S. Navy SEALS. The Swift killed the Naval Soldiers without being seen and encountered Billy Lo. Billy Lo fights the Swift Tyrant with guns but the Swift quickly dodges every bullet and seriously damages Billy. Billy suffered serious injuries but was able to stand up and fight the Swift with hand-to-hand combat. Billy Lo fights the Swift using his fists as his only weapon. Billy finsishes the Tyrant by delivering a leaping sidekick to the chest and knocking it down the legde, causing the Tyrant to impale itself on a long spike.

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