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Susan Walter
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth March 13th, 1980
Gender female
Height 6' 1"
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian/British
Occupation Social Worker
Marital status N/A
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Deceased


Susan Walter was a woman who was born in Raccoon City. She went to live in Kijuju, Africa. There, she realized that she did not like Raccoon city. She saw on television that Raccoon City was quarantined by something unknown. She was glad for this. In Resident Evil 5, she was attacked by a female Majini. She manged to escape to a pub where was attacked by more majini's and she was trapped in a closet for three days. Lucky for her, there were food. One day, she heard shooting and she looked out a peep hole. She saw Sheva who was shooting a Majini. She ran out and she was killed by her by accident because Sheva mistook her as a zombie. Chris noticed this but fearing that Sheva will be shocked left her.

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