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Gameplay Edit

A survival game, where the player must defeat increasingly more deadly waves of creatures. The player may chose from the overshoulder camera or the fixed camera. The player can also reload and shoot while moving.

Players: 4

Character's Edit

Night-Starlight Edit

Antoganist of RE Lifting the vale etc.

Night although having no healing items

slowly regerarates health. Night Cannot run.

Night has a 35% chance of dodgeing an enemy's



Berreta xx treme Edit

Firepower:500 Edit
Capacity: 30Edit
Reload speed:3.5 Edit


"Follow me".



"Many thank's"

"I need your assistance" .

"You call that a hit".

"You missed".

"Move" (Sarcasticlly).

Melee attacksEdit


Night bring's his hand and decapitates the enemy

with a powerful chop.

Avalible when hit in head.

Instant kill.

Power rip

Night rip's out the enemy's spinel cord.

Instant kill.

Fun fact: Night can often heard whistleing

the Numa Numa during gameplay.

Ocolot-Stalker Edit

Ocelot has the lowest amount of health.

But carry's the most weaponry.

Inventory Edit

Colt pythonEdit



Reload speed:2.6

Luger P08Edit

Firepower: 350


Reload speed:1.9

F aid spray x 1

Dork sniperEdit

Firepower: 5000

Capacity: 3

Reload speed:2.6

Melee attacksEdit

Calibber strike

Ocelot peform's a lethal uppercut

and then flip's them over his shoulder.

pale snap

Ocelot break's the spine of the enemy.

Avalible if hit in the head.


"Over hear".

"Halt it".


"I owe you one".

"Help me".


"Go to hell, you freak".

Ark-agent Edit

Protaganist of Resident evil Survivor.

Ark has the most health, but faces more enemies.





Reload speed:1.2

Combat shotgunEdit



Reload speed:3.6

Rocket launcherEdit



reload speed:5,00

F.aid spray x 5Edit

SURVIVE: Ark shoot's the enemy

in the foot and snap's there neck.

Avalable when hit in the head.

Chris- BSAAEdit





Reload speed:2,6




Reload speed:1,9

Rocket LauncherEdit

Firepower: 50,000

Capacity: Single Fire

Reload speed: N/A

First aid spray

Normal enemies Edit

Zombie - Worth: 400

Cereburus - Worth: 600

Crimson head - Worth 900

Licker - Worth: 900

Ganado - Worth: 300

Zealot - Worth: 400

Militia: - Worth: 400

Town majini: - Worth: 300

Wetlands majini - Worth: 400

Base Majini - Worth: 400

Hunter: - Worth: 1250

Big man Majini - Worth: 900

Naked zombie - Worth: 450

Leech Man - Worth: 500

Leech - Worth: 10

Bandersnatch - Worth: 3000

Stages Edit

The Mansion - boss: Tyrant - Worth: 25,000 - soundtrack: Tyrant

Salazar's Castle - Sub Boss: Garrodoor - Worth: 15,000 - soundtrack: Krauser

Ship Deck: - sub boss: Dr scalavadoor - Worth: 20,000 - soundtrack: Winds of madness

Spencer Estate: - Sub Boss: Reaper - Worth: 9,000

Poublu: - Sub Boss: Bella sisters - Worth: 7,500 (Each)

Antarctic Base: - Boss: T-091 - Worth: 10,000

Racoon streets: - Boss: Nemesis - Worth: 20,000

RPD: - boss: T-103 (Mr X) - Worth: 10,000 - soundtrack: T-A theme

Privite residence - boss: Alexia Ashford - Worth: 12,000

The Clock Tower - Boss: Nemesis (Form 2) - Worth: 25,000 - Soundtrack: Menacing Nemesis Theme

Racoon University - Boss: Thanatos - Worth: 20,000 - Soundtrack: Thanatos

The Ecliptic express - Boss: Stinger - Worth: 25,000 - Soundtrack: Stinger

The Dead Factory - Boss: Nemesis (Form 2) - Worth: 25,000 - Soundtrack: Hellish Agony

Racoon Hospital - Boss: Nemesis (Form 2) - Worth: 25,000 - Soundtrack: Nemesis Again Theme

Unlockable stages Edit

Island Labs - Sub Boss: Iron Maiden - Worth:8,000 - Soundtrack: Regenerator - Special Item: Infored Scope

Unlocked by, getting 50,000 or higher, on Salazar's castle.

Russian Facility - Boss: Ivan - Worth: 15,000 (Each) - Soundtrack: Live Evil

Unlocked by, getting 50,000 or higher, on The Arklay Mansion.

Guard House - Boss: Plant 42 - Worth 25,000 - soundtrack; Plant 42

Unlocked by, getting 50,000 or higher on Mansion Hall.

Unlockable Characters Edit

Wesker - Russia Edit

Wesker can perform a dash.

Silanced pistol Edit

Firepower: 150

Capacity: 15

Reload speed: 1.00

Semi-Auto Rifle Edit

Firepower: 1100


Reload Speed: 1.80

HUNK - Human unit Edit

Inventory Edit

Custom TMP Edit

Firepower: 100

Capacity: oo

Reload speed: 1.77

Unlocked by getting 50,000 or higher on RPD

Nicholai GinovaefEdit


M9 CarbineEdit

Firepower: 100

Capacity: 100

Reload Speed: 1.34

Hand Grenade x3


M9 Ammo x 300


Unlocked by getting 50,000 or higher on The Dead Factory

Mikhail VictorEdit


Benelli M3S ShotgunEdit

Firepower: 500

Capacity: 7

Reload Speed: 1.50

M66 Rocket LauncherEdit

Firepower: 10,000

Capacity: 4

Reload Speed: 5.00

Unlocked by getting 75,000 or higher on Racoon Streets

Raven - ShadowEdit


XIX MagnumEdit

Firepower: 2700

Capacity: 12

Reload Speed: 0.01

Magnum Lite RifleEdit

Firepower: 5000

Capacity: 4

Reload Speed: 1.70

Silenced PistolEdit

Firepower: Firepower: 100

Capacity: 15

Reload Speed: 0.90

Unlocked by getting a score of at least 130,000 on every stage

Unlockable features Edit

Infinite ammo on/off

Unlocked by obtaining 75,000 or more, on all stages.

Master cutscene viewer (Able to watch cutscenes from all RE games)

Unlocked by obtaining 50,000 or more, on all stages.

The Hunt (Play as Nemesis as he hunts down the STARS)

Unlocked by getting a score of 100,000 on eather Racoon streets or alternatively defeat Nemesis 12 times.

Ultimate Survival Horror Challange (Face each boss in the Re Franchise)

Unlocked by obtaining 75,000 or more on all stages, with all characters.

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