Created 2007
Created By X-Cell
Creation G-Virus injected into a House cat
Based House cat
Height/Length 3' 1"
Purpose Experimentation
Status Active


Once contracted by the Emerald City military base, the work immediately began to create bio-organic weapons to please the commander. This was their first creature to please him, because G-Virus administration to a common pet was not hard to do. After a few months of testing, they deemed the Stalker FG-005 a success, and immediate production began. Many were sold outside of Emerald City, only a few staying within the limits once the outbreak hit.


The Stalker is a large animal, looking like a skinned cat with all the muscle tissue exposed. The head has lost its eyes, with small holes where the ears were, and sharp teeth in the mouth. Down the back is the exposed spinal cord, and the tail has been turned into a devestating mace-like weapon, boney spikes sticking out of the knobbed end. The claws on the paws are long and hooked, thick and razor sharp. The muscles are dense, allowing for strong jumps, with one giant eye appearing on the left thigh.

Attack MethodsEdit

The Stalker attacks with its hooked claws on each paw, doing low sweeping swipes, uppercuts, and a powerful downward slash. They can also pounce on their prey and use their razor sharp teeth to bite at parts of prey. They also have a knob on their tail, with boney spikes they use to slash and crush prey.

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