Resident Evil Tyrant fan art by Furgur

Silvus tyrant

The Silvus is a Tyrant combined with elements of all the viruses. It has dark black, curved claws and 2 tumour-like eyes on both shoulders with spikes growing out its back. It has been through many battle tests throughout the years and has passed every one completely unscarred. The only report of the Silvus was after the destruction of Racoon city, a company called Night-air landed in the ruins of the city and found a stable construction site in which the Silvus was hiding. Night-air searched out the construction site and was attacked by the Tyrant leaving a sole survivor, legless but still alive, crawling away from the attack. The survivor came across an abandoned shack and found a cryogenic chamber filled with T and G virus samples. He thought that these were the cause of the Tyrant. The Silvus Tyrant destroyed the helicopter and found the survivor in a shack. He then split the manopen and impregnated him with eggs. The Silvus Tyrant has really powerful skin that cannot be penetrated. The Silvus Tyrant was last reported to still be roaming Racoon City.
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