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Samuel Gunther Larson
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth July 11, 1980
Gender Male
Height Six foot four inches
Race/Ethnicity Caucasion
Occupation Current:Mercenary, previous: Clerk at Kendo's Gun Shop (Part Time)
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None that he knows of
Status Living

Life[edit | edit source]

Sam Larson was born in Racoon city, and he planned on going to college their too, if he could raise enough money. He was interested in the 'Cannibal Murderer" cases, and studied them in his off time. They compelled him to buy a few firearms in case he came up against the 'Cannibals'.

Since he worked at Kendos, part time, he could get a few for a good price, courtesy of an employee discount. He had bought a Winchester .45-70 and two different pistols, a M1911A1 and a Samurai's Edge that didn't have the S.T.A.R.S. logo on it, which was the only way Kendo would let him buy it.

He had no idea how much those guns would come to save his life in the following few months.

When the spill at the other Umbrella facility happened, Sam was actually home, safe for a little while. At first, he counted the people bumbling around outside as drunks, until he realized they were a tad bit too bloody to be just drunk. Following his gut, he got his guns ready, just incase they decided that breaking into his house would be okay.

After a few hours of the siege, they got in, and Sam unloaded one full clip into them. Surprised at the fact that they took some of the most powerful rounds available to civilians without even stumbling, Sam came to the conclusion everyone else was trying to avoid. These people are dead. Sam had watched far too many movies as a kid, so he actaully knew what to do. Pulling out a pitol, he fired into the small gathering of zombies, blowing their undead brains out against the wall. He ran after that.

His family was as good as dead, his father worked at the police station, his mother was a nurse, and his sister was annoying as hell. Sam ran, eventually making it to the Police station. He stayed there, in the main branch, not the garage. When the infected got in, He found a closet and sat there until the gunshots became few and far between. Then, he raided the place, minorly. He grabbed a Shotgun, an AR-15, and an MP5. That was all he could find before he heard the roar of Mr. Birkins mutated self.

At the sound of the beast, Sam made for the door, only to find it blocked by a bloodied creature (Licker), which he unloaded 4 Twelve-gauge shells before it died.

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