The mutation.jpg
Created 2007
Created By Night
Creation Gene splising
Based Human
Height/Length 7'4
Purpose To destroy and attack the austrian hotel for unknown reasons
Status Unknown

The sadeable is created through gene spliceing the Hypnos tyrant's DNA, and combineing it with Reaper cells. It's capable of tearing limbs and devouring them within seconds. Also it retains a considderble amount of intelligance, being able to spot weakpoints and use it to it's advantige, it can rip through titanium steel with enogh effort.

Attributes [edit | edit source]

It's main attribute is being able to suprise pray from behind. The sadeable is extreamly fast, being able to soak up bullets for massive amounts of damige before sucombing. But it will later gain concousness and will attempt to termanate the one who defeated it. Even if it is the last thing it does...

The Austrian incident[edit | edit source]

During the austrian incident two sadeables were dispatched by Night in the hotel it is unknown if any more exsist.

Other Sadables[edit | edit source]

Another Sadable is seen on Night's island, where Commander Steven Spirks was mutated by an unknown virus, and then ended up as the atrocity known as Sadable.

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