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Roy Klipit
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 7ft
Race/Ethnicity Russian, Hispanic
Occupation Merchant
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Alive

"If it fails to protect your life, I'll give you a full refund!"
―Roy Klipit

Roy Klipit is a Merchant which appears in the fanon created game Resident Evil Outbreak Survivalist and will sell the player weapons, among other things. Roy only deals in B.Points, of which is obtained from killing enemies and completeing Scenario's. His selection of weapons and other items differ from Scenario to Scenario and some items are unuiqe to one scenario. Roy always appears in the starting room and can't be killed, Ever.

A 5% discount can be found in each of the scenarios, to a maximum of 50%.

Sub ChallangesEdit

Ocasionly Roy will set you a challange, compleating the given task will result in bonus B.Points. Their is a total of 5 challanges in each Scenario, compleating all of the challanges might result in a special Prize.

List of ChallangesEdit

The RPD & Birkin's LabEdit

1. A Shotgun?

Task: Bring a Shotgun to Roy.

Reward: 10,000 B.Points

2. Da Zombie Hunter

Task: Kill 150 Zombies

Reward: 15,000 B.Points

3. Keep that thing in ya mouth

Task: Kill a Licker without it noticeing you

Reward: 5000 B.Points, Auto Bow Gun

4. Stay!

Task: While a Cerberus is stunned, stab it to death

Reward: 7,500 B.Points

5. The Bigger they are...

Task: Defeat T-103 with the Handgun

Reward: 25,000 B.Points

0. Well, well, well...

Task: Complete all chalanges in this Scenario

Reward: 30,000 B.Points

The MansionEdit

1. Crimson Master

Task: Kill a total of 30 Crimson Heads

Reward: 15,000 B.Points

2. Goin' Huntin'!

Task: Eliminate 5 Hunters without dieing

Reward: 7,500 B.Points

3.Incy Wincy Tiger

Task: Kill the Black Tiger while using the G.Launcher with Acid Rounds

Reward: 7,500 B.Points

4. What, no Round 3?

Task: Defeat the Yawn both times

Reward: 15,000 B.Points

5. Where's the Spiders when you need them?

Task: Kill all 9 Chimera's

Reward: 19,000

0. Ready for Birkin!!

Task: Complete all of the other challanges

Reward: 50,000

Racoon CityEdit

1. HAIR!!!

Task: Eliminate the Regis Licker

Reward: 5,000

2. Suck on 'dat!

Task: Terminate the Brain Deimos

Reward: 3,000

3. Gime' some noise!

Task: Give Roy the Buzzer


4. Sorry, was that a defense?

Task: Blow Open the RPD Barricade

Reward: 3,000


Task: Defeat the Nemesis at the Clock Tower

Reward: 35,000, Nemesis Bust

0. Nemesis, Neptune, what's next... Zeus

Task: Beat all other challangers

Reward: 75,000

Scenario itemsEdit


The Gauss Cannon - Cost: 300,000 B.Points - Unlock: Complete all Challenges in the Game, Finish all Scenarios on Biohazard Mode

Rocket Launcher - Cost: 150,000 B.Points - Unlock: Complete the Mansion Scenario, its challenges, Complete the Game

Gatling Gun - Cost: 150,000 B.Points - Unlock: Complete RE2 Scenario, its Challenges, Complete the Game

Chicargo Typewriter - Cost: 150,000 B.Points - Unlock: Complete RE4 Scenario, its Challenges, Complete the Game

The Racoon Police Department & The LabsEdit


Tactical Shotgun - Cost: 32,000 B.Points

Precision Handgun - Cost: 15 B.Points

Scoped .44 Magnum - Cost: 45,000 B.Points

Burst Handgun - Cost: 25,000 B.Points.

Mic. ItemsEdit

G-Virus Sample - Cost: 30,000 B.Points Ink Ribbon x3 - Cost: 3000



Blacktail - Cost: 32,000 BP

Sharpshooter - Cost: 50,000 BP

Shore Blaster - Cost: 65,000 BP

The Perforator - Cost: 45,000 BP


V-Jolt - Cost: 30,000

Ink Ribbon x3 - Cost: 3000


"Mother Russia thanks you".

"I just hope i have enough stock to defend myself".

"Go on shoot me again, asshole, it won't change a thing".

"My god, your a PHYCHO"!

"Some blonde guy sold me this in Spain, apparently he brought it from another guy in Spain who robbed it from Al Capone in the Mid 1930's.

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