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Rogue Cleaner
Created 1998
Created By Umbrella Corporation
Creation Unknown
Based Unknown
Height/Length Varies
Purpose Clean chemical spills and destroy evidence of Umbrella Involvement (Other B.O.W.'s and survivors alike).
Status Inactive

These Cleaners went rogue when the Outbreak occurred in the facility. They shot everything that crossed their path, Umbrella security Forces and Scientists alike. They were roaming the storage facility and caused many deaths (Almost on par with the Rogue Nemesis and Hunters). They may not be the strongest of the B.O.W.'s, but that doesn't mean that you should underestimate them as they have as much firepower as you. They wore gas masks, tactical vests, combat boots and were armed with MP5 SMG's. Their Precision is still unmatched when it comes to grouping shots on a target. A stronger version, the Armored Cleaner who was wearing a full body armor protection and was armed with an AK-47 was encountered in the facility's armory. It was a little slower compared to the other Cleaners but was far more resilient and dangerous due to its amazing firepower and armor.

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