Here is my idea for a Resident Evil game. I would make it more like the canceled resident evil 3.5, the Hooked Man version. I would make Leon with his unlockable costumes, RPD suit his Mobster suit from Resident Evil 4 and his 2 unlockable costumes from RE2. Chris Redfield is playable also. His costumes that are unlockable are his STARS outfit, his Code Veronica outfit. His civilian, gym cloths from Resident Evil Remake. Also his Warrior and Heavy Metal costumes from Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and the other BSAA suit from his Flashbackes in Resident Evil 5. The other 2 people are Barry with his STARS and Pilot suit's from Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.The final one is.................................................Donald Trump!!!Just kidding. George.W.Bush.No I'm kidding. Ok seriously, It's Jill Valentine. I hate Rebbecca, so I disagree with Capcom. I think it should be Jill. Please God no please don't make it Rebbeca. Jill's suits are STARS Civilian[RE3], Battle suit and BSAA. In my RE6 ,the paranormal are attacking and you select your character and destiny. I would make gameplay the same as RE4 and 5. The inventory is the same as RE5..Also the Mercenaries Operation Mad Jackal from Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Extreme Battle from Resident Evil 2 would come back.

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