Story[edit | edit source]

Resident evil Silant atrocitys, takes place in an abandoned island. Privately resided by Night. Leon soon find's himself on this unimaginable deathtrap, after being captured by a pair of Night's men...

However soon after arviving he find's the place in ruins, and is also obliveous to the fact that that Night has escaped, and has released the bases bio weapons to kill him...

Soon enogh Leon meets Steven Spirks, one of the lead commander's of the island (The only surviving one to be specific). Steven compleatly insane, ask's him if he want's to play a game which involved him lieing perfectly still so he could kill him. However before even finishing his sentence, he trip's over a powercord and land's in to a hole in which dumped experiments were soon to of been dumped. And he is mutated by an unknown virus. In seconds he mutates into a Sadeable.

After disposeing of the creature he collect's a key to a boat off of theisland and ueses it, finally escapeing the island.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Leon Scot Kennedy: Protoganist to Resident evil Silant atrocitys, leon's a goverment agent and has been captured by Night and sent to an unknown island.

Steven Spirks:A leading commander on the island, and is often known for his clumsyness.

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