Gameplay Edit

Resident evil Reprogramed is a sequal to the minigame The Hunt, which is encounted in the survival game Survivor climax.

The game plays increadibly similer to The Hunt, however 2 new features encounted is the ability to tear enemy's limbs and, also use many other gory death's to your unlucky adversary's.  The game is split into chapter's. 8-3 in total.

Plot Edit

The game begins with the same screen encountered at the end of The Hunt. The first chapter starts on an umbrella owned train. which is delivering the umbrella executives to a seacret location in chicargo, in which a man has agreed to buy the G-virus. However, Nemesis is abord this train, and is set on killing the reamining umbrella executives. The next 6 chapters, are set in the Chicargo umbrella facility, as Nemesis attempts to kill all employes. However, what Nemesis does not reilise is that Umbrella has been been keeping tabs on him.

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