Resident Evil OutBreak: survivalist is much like the actual Outbreak games, but with different characters. There is no infection rate. you may choose between classic RE view, or RE 4/5 view.


Fort = Starting Room

Weapon cache = Weapon storage

P = no enemies can get in.


Linter: The result of injecting Licker DNA into Hunter tissue. Licker. Hunter



Age: 50

blood type: Unknown

Eye Type: Red


Regeneration - Night has the ability to regenerate health.


"Well, now we have all met Fable's people...hahaha"!'

"You waste of flesh, I'll put you out of your misery"!'

Fable SlasherEdit


blood type: 0

Eye Type: Blue




"I'm Sorry it had to come to this".

"Hehe, kinda fun i guess".

Tenkai BlatesEdit

Age: 74

Blood type: Unknown

Eye type; Black




"Good work Tile, this is how it should be".

"Kid, don't get in my or Tile's way".

Ocelot CalazEdit

Age: 42

Blood Type: 0

Eye Type: Green




"Move Night".

"Whoa kid, watch your back".

Reaver AshfordEdit

Age: 17

Blood type: A

Eye Type: Blue


He is the fastest runner.


'''"Well, this should provide some good target practise"!'''

'''"Redfield, you interfered with my shot"!'''


Age: Unknown

Blood Type:0

Eye Type: Brown




"Well, looks like the practise got out of hand".

"They really should start calling me NINE THOUSAND, so then when they ask me what's my kill count,


Brock BishopEdit

Age: 41




"Damn, looks like they really did well".

"Damn you, you darn freak"!


The Racoon Police Department & The LabsEdit

Starting room: Dark Room


Zombie Cop - Location: RPD

Zombie Scientist - Location: Labs

Cerberus - Location: Dog Kennel

Licker - Location: Hallway

Enhanced Licker: Labs

Mr X - Location: RPD/ 30 minites after player time

William Birkin - Location: Birkin's Lab


Baton: - Fort - On Table

Hangun: - Fort - In Weapon Cache

Shotgun: - Chief's Office - In Cabinet

Samurai Edge: - STARS office - On Wesker's Desk

Bow Gun: - Reception - On Desk

Grenade Gun: - Main Hall - Cop's Corpse

Magnum: - Ruined Hallway - Near Rubble

Katana - Dog Kennel - In 2nd Cage


>>More Coming Soon<<

The Mansion Edit

Starting Room: Drug Room

Final Room: Helapad

Objective: Collect all Talismans and place into slot to unlock elevator to Helepad, defeat Tyrant, and escape via Helecopter.


Zombie - Location: Everywhere - Quantity: 33

Cerberus - Location: Mansion & Courtyard - Quantity: 9

Crow - Location: Balcony & Hall of portraits - Quantity: 6

Yawn - Location: Attic & Library - Quantity: 1

Plant 42 - Location: Large Room - Quantity: 1

Neptune - Location: Water Labs - Quantity: 3

Hunter - Location: Mansion after 1 hour of gametime - Quantity: 24

Web Spinner - Location: Guard House - Quantity: 6

Black Tiger - Location: Underground - Quantity: 1

Chimera - Location: Labs Quantity: 9

Tyrant - Location: Helipad & Tyrant Lab - Quantity: 1


Knife - Table - Drug Room

Berreta - Weapon cache

Shotgun - Ceiling.F.Room - Floor

Bazooka - Attic - strapped to wall

Magnum - Large Room - Fire Place

Samurai Edge - Tyrant Lab - On Wesker's body

Rocket Launcher - Centre Of Helepad


Special RoomsEdit

Drug RoomEdit

The starting room.

Weapons: Knife, Hangun

Uniqe objects: Map: Mansion

Healing Items: F.A.Spray x4

Ammo: Hangun Magazine

Enemies: P

Lock: N/A


No, the ceiling doesn't fall this time.

Weapons: Shotgun

Uniqe objects: -

Healing Items: Green Herb

Ammo: N/A

Enemies: N/A

lock: N/A


The Yawn lies hear Yo.

Weapons: Bazooka

Uniqe Objects: 1st Talisman half 1/2

Healing Items: Green Herb x2

Ammo: Shotgun Shells x5+

Enemies: Yawn

Lock: N/A

Racoon City Edit

This stage is the second largest in the game and features many locations from 2,3 and Outbreak.

Starting Room: Kendo's Gun Shop

Final Room: Clock tower


Zombie - Location: Everywhere - Quantity: 50

Cerberus - Location: Alleyway's and parking lot - Quantity: 17

Hunter - Location: Hospital - Quantity: 4

Nemesis - Location: ??? - Quantity: 1

Drain Deimos - Location: Alleyway's - Quantity: 7

Brain Sucker - Location: B.Ball Court - Quantity: 2

Regis Licker - Location: Apple Inn - Quantity: 1

Licker - Location: Apple Inn - Quantity: 9

Web Spinner - Location: - Quantity: 4


Handgun - Fort - weapon cache

Knife - Fort - Counter

Shotgun - B.Ball Court - On Bench

Bowgun - Fort - Kendo's corpse

Grenade Launcher -

Samurai Edge - RPD entrance - Brad's body

Assault Rifle HP - Racoon Transport System - Mikhail's Body

Assault rifle - Parking Lot - In Car

G. Launcher - Hospital - floor

Key roomsEdit

RPD EntranceEdit

The entrance to the RPD, the doors to the Building

have been sealed shut.

Weapons: Samurai Edge

Uniqe Objects: N/A

Healing Items: F.Aid spray

Enemies: ???

Lock: Barracade - Unlocked: Blow Dynamite on the doors

Apple InnEdit

This dam place is crawling with Lickers.

Weapons: None

Uniqe Objects: Buzzer

Healing Items: Green Herb x2

Enemies: Licker x6, Regis Licker

Lock: N/A

Clock TowerEdit

The final act.

Weapons: G. Launcher

Uniqe Items: N/A

Healing Items: Red Herb, Blue Herb x4

Castle & IslandEdit

Starting room: Platform

Final Room: Throne Room


Regenerator - Location: Island - Quantity: 4 - Health: 10,000

Iron Maiden - Location: Island - Quantity: 3 - Health: 5,000

Militia - Location: Island - Quantity: 30 - Health: 400

U3 - Location: Suspended Cage - Quantity: 1 - Health: 7,500

Zealot - Location: Castle - Quantity: 50 - Health: 800

Leader Zealot - Location: Castle - Quantity: 10 - Health: 2,500

Verdugo - Location: Throne Room - Quantity: 2 - Health: 75,000

Bitorez Mendez - Location: Cliff Side - Quantity: 1 - Health: 20,000


Knife - Fort - Ground - Damage: 20

Blacktail - Fort - Weapon Cache - Damage: 150

Shotgun - Castle - Lobby - Damage: 500 - Ammo:

Mine Launcher - Suspended Cage - 2nd Cage - Damage: 400 - 800 - Ammo: 15

Handcannon - Throne Room - Throne - Damage: 10,000 - Ammo: 3

Rocket Launcher (x1) - Garbage disposel room - Damage: 10,000

Killer 7 - Castle - Gardens - Damage: 2,500 - Ammo: 6

Shena IslandT-103Edit

Starting room: Church

Final room: Helipad


Zombie - Location: Everywhere

Cerberus - Location: Streets

Hunter - Location: Tyrant Plant

Licker - Location: Streets, Hospital

Enhanced Licker - Location: Tyrant Plant

T-103 - Location: Streets, Hospital, Paradise Building, Tyrant Plant

Cleaner - Location: Tyrant Plant

Hypnos Tyrant - Location: Heleipad


Extra ModesEdit

The 2nd RetrieverEdit

This mingame is all about HUNK's retrieval of the G-Virus from Birkin's lab as he dodges licker slashes and zombie hordes, and finally escaping William Birkin's wrath. The gameplay is either the classic RE view or the over shoulder this mode is also compatiable with the Wii.

Chapter 1Edit

A sad city this is...

'This chapter takes place in the streets of Racoon City as HUNK and his team make their way to the RPD.'

Chapter 2Edit

The wrong side of the law...

'This chapter takes place inside the RPD as HUNK's team make their way to the Sewers.'

'Chapter 3'Edit

'What's in my boots...'

'This takes place in the Sewers as HUNK's team make their way to Birkin's Lab.'

'Chapter 4'

'I dropped something...'

'This chapter takes place in Birkin's Lab, as they retrieve the Sample.'

'Chapter 5 '

'The Death Can't Die...'

'This is the final chapter as HUNK attempts to escape Birkin's revenge and flee to the Evac point.'

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