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This game takes place in 2012, when Percy Jackson finally got a new arm and leg. He was currently in rehabilitation when an outbreak struck the facility he was in.

Gameplay Edit

The Gameplay for RE:T is much like that of Resident Evil 4/5. It has the equipment system of 5, but there is no money or merchant systems. At the end of each chapter, the character has a chance to drop off any weapon they do not want and swap it for another found in the level, as there will be a few variations of the main weapons (Handgun, Shotgun, etc.) to base around most players playing styles. At low health, the screen will darken and flash red, much like in The Chronicles Games, and as your health dwindles, so does your aiming ability. Your hands will shake, making it much harder to shoot right.

Main Characters Edit

Percy Jackson Age: 26 The Main character. As you progress through the game, you'll realize he isn't exactly as nice as he seems...

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Weapons Edit

Melee: Edit

Handguns: Edit

Shotguns Edit

Machine Guns Edit

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Support Weapons Edit

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Plot Edit

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