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This game is an RPG.


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Name: Alexus Irving

Role: Protagonist

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Job: Journalist

Starting Items:


Stun Gun

Pen Knife

First Aid Spray

Backstory: Alexus was a journalist sent from Chicago to take a "vacation" on the Subsisting Islands. Rather, she was really going there to check it out, and come back with a story for the newspaper she was working at. While on the way there, screams rip through the night air, and she waits until all the screams and crying die out... Then she ventures into the dark, lighter and Pen Knife in Hand.

Name: Nathaniel Shale

Role: Protagonist

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Job: Maintenance

Starting Items:

Folding Knife

Beretta Tomcat

x14 .32 Handgun Ammo

Backstory: Nate works at a maintenance worker. He has no true backstory, as he lost his memory around the age of 15, so he just learned to be a common worker.

Name: Rexus Maximillion

Role: Main Antagonist

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Job: Commander

Backstory: Being commander of an Umbrella Facility is a tough job, especially when you had to fight most of your life to get there, as well as maintain the position. Afer he took control of the Subsisting Islands Facility (by killing his Uncle), he ruled the area with an iron fist, destroying all those in his path. He even killed a young child who tried to stop the execution of his father.

Name: "Spencer"

Role: Enigma

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Job: Communications

Backstory: "Spencer" is a shadowy figure who, though he works for Umbrella, attempts to give out information to people he knows is trying to take them down, such as reporter Alexus Irving. He is the one who sent her the tickets, knowing that she would uncover the secrets of the Island Facility...


Pen Knife/Folding Knife: Standard knife carried by the main protagonists. It does fair damage. (Damage currently in progress)

Walther PPK: A .32 caliber handgun. Stronger than the knife, but still weak. (Damage currently in progress)

Beretta Tomcat: A .32 caliber handgun. Slightly stronger than the Walther PPK. (Damage currently in progress)

Stun Gun: Self Defense weapon. Can momentarily stun an opponent. (Damage currently in progress)

UMP 45: A Sub-Machine Gun. Obtained in room 209 of the ship. (Damage currently in progress)

.10 Gauge: A .10 Gauge Shotgun. Found in the last room of the Boiler Room area. (Damage currently in progress)

Desert Eagle: A semi-automatic magnum, 10 in. barrel and loaded with .50AE. (Damage currently in progress)

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