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Resident Evil: REborn, is another remake of the original resident evil, with better graphics. The name has a double meaning. It can be taken as this is a 'rebirth' of resident evil, and there is an extra scenario you get after you beat the game. It is entitled 'Rebirth' and will focus on what Wesker did during the events of the game.




This mission takes place when STARS first formed. You are Chris Redfield, and you are training to be a member of STARS. Barry and Wesker will spot you. Barry will teach you the basics of how to run, draw weapons, use your knife, and aiming with your weapon. Wesker will see you run an obstacle course. His reactions depend on how good you do.

Move faster!-Slow speed.

Work on your aiming!-Bad accuracy

Pathetic!-Bad accuracy and slow speed.

Hm, your quite promising.-Average accuracy and speed.

Yes, very good.-Good accuracy and speed

Excellent. Looks like the rumors are true.-Perfect.

The Mansion Incident

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You play as Wesker as he escapes the mansion. You have a time limit of 30 minutes to get to the main hall, defeat the dreaded Lisa Trevor, and run out the door. You also have the option to pick up your sunglasses from off the floor. But this does nothing and has no effect.

As Wesker reawakens from his death, he finds that the Tyrant was dead, and that the facility was just moments away from self-destruction. After failing to hack into the computer to get information on the UMF-013, he decides to go after it later, when the time it right. He heads up to the mansion while fighting off BOW's and Zombies, finally reaching the main halls of the mansion. Their, he meets up with an old experiment, one Lisa Trevor, the immortal girl. Wesker is able to defeat Lisa, and he heads out the main door. After the destruction of the mansion, he thinks to himself for a moment, then sprints deep into the forest.


Resident Evil: REborn 2 is the sequel to Resident Evil: REborn. Claire has just entered Raccoon City, looking for her lost brother, Chris. After nearly being killed by a zombie, she is rescued by Leon, a rookie cop on his first day, and escapes in a police cruiser. They arrive at the police staton, hoping it was safe. But they were wrong. Their fate depends on your actions, and your actions alone. Will they survive? Or perish like the rest of the civilians of Raccoon City?


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