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Overview Edit

Resident Evil Emerald City Chronicles (RE:ECC for short) is a group of stories/comics written by JMWesley, with the help of his friend Twili for inspiration and such. It currently in production, and mainly entails the story of 5 kids, along with other characters that fill up side-stories.

Book 0: Impassive Hive Edit

ECC Book 1 tells the story of Rebecca Chambers and Julia Chambers (no relation) and their search for Julia's boyfriend in the X-cell main complex on the outskirts of Emerald City. Her boyfriend is one of the desk people at the building, but little did anyone know the dark secrets that are going on in the facilities basements... and Mark is all apart of it.

This is the prelude of all to come in the later installments...   It will be written in the future...

Book 1: Emerald City Disaster Edit

Book 2 tells the story of 5 kids, four your average civilians, and one police officer. This is a long one, and will have 2 versions, a written story, and a comic. They must find a way to escape a large coastal city in New Jersey, trekking through 9/10s of it before finally escaping. They have to fight many creatures to escape, but most will live, but some will die...

This is the main beginning of the story.

Book 2: Aleshia and Shianne's Adventure Edit

This book tells of 2 survivors, a young girl, age 11, and a teen, age 19. They have to trek through most of the city in an attempt to escape, meeting up with the characters from Book 2 in the end to escape.

This is a side story, sort of like Nemesis(AKA: The Last Escape)

Book 3: The Other Survivors Edit

This is a comic that is currently in progress, it is going to be made with 100% custom sprites, it involves kids escaping from school, with some other characters.

Book 4:Edit

Back to the main storyline, this story involves Kelsey from Book 2 being kidnapped by Tri-Cell in an attempt to draw the other survivors from Book 2 out, but they fail miserably, and lose their research facility, training facility, and prison.

Other books are currently in progress and this page will be updated when more information is ready Edit

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