this is a sequel to Resident evil: rebirth and is also the second entry in the orb chronicles.

Gameplay Edit

throw out the game you can play as two characters, Matt Greener (leadder of orb and also the guy who set the cloned racoon city to self destruct) and Ryan Laurant. the gameplay is bassically the same as the last game exept you get all ARMOR and most weapons from a mysterious man.

Plot Edit

this game is in sanorios.

Sanorio 1 Edit

this sanorio is based about 4 years after resident evil 3. in this Sanorio you play as Matt Greener trying to steal a sample of the TG-virus from a Umbrella facility.

Sanorio 2 Edit

this sanorio is based 1 month after resident evil rebirth. you play as a TG-infected Matt trying to kill someone who has evidence that the cloned racoon city was real.

Sanorio 3 Edit

this is the main sanorio in the game which is based 6 months after the last sanorio. in this sanorio you play as Ryan Laurant (know a secret agent working for anti-umbrella) in a underwater orb facility

Sanorio 4 Edit

this is based strate after the last. in this last sanorio you can play as Matt or Ryan. but you must beat both missions to clock the game. as Matt you must stop Ryan from escaping the facility. as Ryan you must escape the facility.

Characters Edit

Ryan Laurant

Matt Greener

orb employes- at begining of sanorio 3 they will help you but near the end they will try to kill you

Creatures Edit




LOGAN type 2

GRIM- a super big LOGAN very hard to kill

Tyrant (boss)

Scorp (boss)- a woman with a scorpion legs

Matt (main boss)

Special features Edit

these are the things you unlock when you clock the game.

  • a extra sanorio that shows Louise in a minor T-virus outbreak
  • grenades
  • an alternitive 4th sanorio were you are Louise trying to help Ryan kill Matt


the sequel to this game is called resident evil: Umbrellas return

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