Resident Evil:Creator is a resident evil themed level creator which you can make your own enviroment and put enimies from all of the series in your own levels including Lickers,Crimson Heads and even a Tyrant. Resident Evil:Creator lets you send levels and high scores to people via xbox live or playstation network. You can choose your fav characters and jump in to anyones level at the main menu screen. The objects you can put in a level range from floors,walls,tables,lights,doors,weapons and many many more. The game camera can be set to fix or over shoulder view, In fix view you put cameras on walls around your level to experice the classic resident evil style gameplay. In over shoulder view it is the camera angle from resident evil 4 and 5. You can put end of level bosses on your levels aswell like Nemesis or El Gigante, Resident Evil:Creator has every enemy in the entire series. You can also set enimies to crash through doors,floors and walls making a scary touch to anyones level. The level creator itself is packed with every tool,weapon,item,object from every resident evil game to date. You can also set the scene and mood of a level like a dark misty night or in bright day light.