Reaver Ashford
Date of Birth 1988
Date of Death 2005
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Race/Ethnicity British
Occupation N/A
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Alfred Ashford(Non-biological father)
Status Deceased

Reaver was the adopted son of Alfred Ashford. From an early age, he completely believed Alfred was his father.

Alfred treated him like he was his true son, training him in the art of markmanship. Reaver soon grew an unbreakable bond with his supposed father, and once even saved his life from a cracking walkway.

Reaver was just like his father: blonde, British, and even similar-sounding; these similarities and Alfred's love were all that was needed to convince Reaver that Alfred was his father. However, Reaver never knew of Alexia's existance.

1997/1998 Edit

At the age of nine, Reaver was sent to America on a "vacation", as Alfred called it.

A year later, Reaver heard of the incident of Rockfort Island. Furious, but worried about Alfred's safety, he asked one of his men to take him to Rockfort Island.

The man obeyed, only for Reaver to find that the base had been destroyed and his father was dead...

 Revenge and death  Edit

"You killed my father, you vastly insuperior worm!"

Reaver spent years preparing for revenge and searching for his father's murderer; in 2005, he finally tracked down Claire in a jungle in South America. Swearing to avenge his father's death, he told her about how much of a lovely man his "father" had been, and demanded to know why she had killed him.

When she first attempted to explain what had really happened at Rockfort, Reaver, astonished at the truth of his father, denied it, insisting that she had to be lying; however, after several minutes of talking, he started to believe her. Deciding to spare her until he could determine the truth for himself, he was about to assist her with getting up when he tripped over a tree stump and tumbled over a ledge; a cry of agony echoed upwards as he hit the ground far below...


Having been raised by Alfred, Reaver has a personality very similar to his adopted father's; however, he is much more serious than his father, and lacks his father's insanity.


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